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Keep top IT talent by improving workplace morale

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Spring is the time when individuals decide to move on. There’s something about this time of year that makes people want to start anew. Maybe that’s why so many renters and homeowners start looking at new places to live; for whatever reason, they need a change.

We don’t know if it’s something in the air, but lately, we’ve been hearing how stressed out IT professionals are. The Great Recession has taken a toll on workers.  Studies indicate that the majority of American workers have high levels of stress and fatigue. It’s no wonder.  With all the layoffs and budget cuts IT organizations experienced the last three years, workers have had to do much more with much less. Take into consideration the fact that top talent is already 200 percent more productive than the average worker (yet accounts for only 20 percent of the workforce), and you will probably realize that burnout amongst IT professionals is spreading like wildfire. 

With all the pent-up stress and anxiety comes low morale. That’s why your top talent may be looking to make a career change.  And since the IT job market is improving each month, many workers believe that now may be the time to move on.

Technology leaders, take heed!  Your company is in jeopardy of losing top talent if you don’t improve workplace morale right now.  The Atlanta Business Chronicle recently ran a story  on how stressed firms can boost workplace morale in five simple ways:

  • Have company meetings and involve everyone.
  • Hand out surveys and ask questions.
  • Find a reason to compliment everyone.
  • Ask for input and suggestions from all employees.
  • Recognize and reward accomplishments – both inside and outside the workplace.

The last bullet point is very important. As quoted in the article, “Recognition is the most powerful tool that we forget to use liberally. It costs next to nothing to tell people they’re doing a good job. Recognition before your peers…is both significant and relatively inexpensive.”

The periodical summarizes the importance of improving employee morale by stating “Companies that are concerned about losing key talent are and will continue to devise strategies to build job satisfaction and engagement. The slow recovery is giving companies that were forced to take the most draconian measures, ones damaging to employee happiness, and opportunity to improve attitudes in key employees before an expanding job market offers them opportunities to leave.” 

Do you recognize your employees now? What do you do to recognize top IT performers? How is  your company improving employee morale? Make sure you have a strategy in place that continuously improves workplace morale. If you don’t, your top talent will probably be doing some spring cleaning real soon!